Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +10 pips 2016-04-11

#GBPUSD +10 pips 2016-04-11| 1 min Trend Trade

This is a GBPUSD trend trade on the 1 min time frame, Price has risen sharply with only the 1 min min boxes visible and even these have a large gap between them. In these circumstances 1 min trend trades become viable as we look to harness the trend momentum on the first pull back.Here, price here has retraced to the first 1 min box and the time frames have no resistance levels showing above the entry price. Half the position is taken for +7 with the balance taken for +13 giving +10 net profit.

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Forex Price Action | GBPUSD +10 pips 2016-04-11 was originally published on 24HR Forex Trade Room


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