Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-05-31 GBPJPY +12

GBPUSD +10 2016-05-31 | 5 min Trend Trade

This is a nice example of a 5 min trend trade. GBPJPY has made a session high and has retraced back to the 5 min box with the 1 min boxes 15 pips way. There are further support levels on both the 1 min and 15 min timeframes. Although unneeded in this trade there was a potential adding position 10 pips below which having the 5 min S2 and 15 min S2 was a strong position in itself. Although not visible GBPUSD was also moving up with USDJPY at support. It is always important to check the parental pairs of any cross you are trading.

You can learn out more about using forex price action to scalp with the forex Fib Matrix trading software, here

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Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-05-31 GBPJPY +12 was originally published on 24HR Forex Trade Room


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