Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-06-06 GBPUSD +6

GBPUSD +6 2016-06-06 | 1min Inside Bounce Trade

This is a nice example of a 1 min Inside bounce Trade. The move up has been quick and substantial. The distance between the 1 min boxes is 10 pips and the gap back to the 5 min boxes is over 20 pips . Price has come back to the S2 1 min box with the 1 min S3 a further 12 pips away. With the fib matrix so extended the probability is that price wouldn’t get back to the 5 min box so a i min entry was take at the S2 1 min with 1 min S3 as the stop.
you can learn out more about using forex price action to scalp with the forex Fib Matrix trading software, here

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Forex Scalping Strategies | 2016-06-06 GBPUSD +6 was originally published on 24HR Forex Trade Room


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